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Kevin Nairne

Hi I’m Kevin,

Welcome and thanks for joining me.

If the laptop, and work from home lifestyle sounds appealing?

Then you’ve arrived at the right website.

If you’re wondering why it’s called “the REAL Laptop Lifestyle?”

The answer is quite simple.

The information you discover here contains ZERO B*** S***!

I only share tried, tested and proven material that ALLWAYS works.

Everything you find on this site is 101% ACHIEVABLE, even by a complete beginner.

Unfortunately, some so-called Laptop Lifestyle gurus overhype the timescale needed to become successfully established.

One claims his material will take you from ZERO knowledge to $10,000 a month online in just 28 days!

Possible yes,

Likely – NOT VERY!

Realistically, for 99.9% percent of those who are inspired to take action by this WILDLY INFLATED UNREAL claim, will end up bitterly disappointed.

3 – 6 months would be a far more realistic time-frame, or longer to get to this sum.

However, I do know someone who set up a £5k a month WFH (work from home) profit stream in her FIRST month!

I’ll share her step-by-step process and story inside.

Follow the more realistic time scale and advice you find here, do something EVERY DAY and you will be successful.

This will build momentum and breathe life into your first project.

Then the lifestyle magic will REALLY start to happen.

Shortly after this, pennies of pure profit should begin dropping into your bank account, probally on a daily basis.

Those pennies will soon become pounds, dollars, euro’s or whatever currency you use.

As your additional income grows to the point it replaces the income from your job.

Then you’re free to rinse and repeat the process again and again to generate MULTIPLE streams of residual income.

Grow your success as much as you desire.

Age isn’t a concern!

At the time of writing I’m 62 and I enjoy what I do far too much to consider retiring!

If you’re looking for a fun and lucrative retirement interest?

Or, you want:

An engaging and fulfilling career?

Need to upgrade your lifestyle and live your dreams?

Have the desire to leave the Rat Race behind you and live your life on your terms?

Then this is a great starting point, and I would be honoured to assist you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to speaking with your again shortly.

Grab Your Copy!The Real laptop Lifestyle book image

Welcome to the laptop lifestyle,

It’s great to have you here.

Whether your looking for an additional part time income stream, or an exciting and absorbing new career.

Or even a fun retirement hobby which pays the bills as well as a providing a few of life's luxuries?

Regardless of your age, sex or present circumstances, today could mark the start of a new bespoke, made-to-measure lucrative lifestyle.

You can do it, with a little assistance anyone can, and I would be delighted to assist.

To make an informed decision about the WFH (work from home) and laptop lifestyle, I suggest that you first click the below button and study that page.

I’ll tell you EVERYTHING you need to know and its an enlightening 10-minute read.

If you then have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact me…  

Work from Home Success

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Below are a few FAQ's or frequently asked laptop lifestyle questions!

The tile laptop lifestyle sounds quite grand, and at the same time is an extremely ambiguous term.

Although living the laptop lifestyle and becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur sounds impressive.

It fails miserably to deliver an adequate and full description of what is really entailed, or even how you get started.

So, let me expand on the topic a little.

In fact, and quite surprising is that generating a laptop lifestyle income steam may not require the use of a laptop computer at all.

Most of the time I prefer to work on a computer attached to a widescreen monitor, although I could easily do everything from my i7 laptop.

A simple laptop lifestyle definition would be someone who generates their income online and via the internet.

Often, they establish income streams that are portable and can travel with them wherever they decide to visit or live.

This allows them the enviable freedom to work anywhere in the world that they desire, and if they wish, become a true nomadic entrepreneur.

Lifestyle feedom image

Anyone with the desire and a little effort can quite quickly learn to do exactly the same.

Everything you need to know to get started can be found here on the

Then you can begin establishing residual income streams, RATHER than trading your precious time in exchange for money.

Once mastered, your only requirements are internet access, and a safe and comfortable place to rest your laptop computer or tablet and work uninterrupted for as long as necessary.

In short:

It’s about replacing your day job with a lifestyle that allows you to permanently leave the rat race behind you.

Working in an individualistic way which suits you and your family, rather than having to conform to the rigors of employment.

There are many ways to live and profit from the laptop lifestyle.

Some ESTABLISHED lifestyle entrepreneurs choose blogging and digital teaching as they travel, or even travel blogging.

While others choose e-commerce, email marketing or running a memberships site to name just a few laptop lifestyle possibilities.

endless possibilities

There are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES and permutations, and a few which will 100% suit you and the lifestyle you would like to live.

However, there is also a far BROADER DEFINITION of the laptop lifestyle.

This includes establishing any type of small business enterprise that can be operated from your home or small office.

Perhaps by running a small and specialised business or service, locally, nationally or even internationally which can be operated from your home or a small office.

The sheer potential and income possibilities are MASSIVE.

With just a little effort and guidance you will soon find many unique ways of generating a reoccurring income stream, generally from the comfort of your own home.

Mainly, the laptop lifestyle is about trading the status quo of so-called normal society and becoming your own person and all that entails.

Another good definition would be making the quality of lifestyle your priority.

Are you doing the job you really want to do?

At the end of each working day do you feel fulfilled and are you enthusiastically looking forward to your next day’s work?

If you are, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re in a unique minority and I’m surprised that you’re here reading this page right now.

Most people know that their job is sadly lacking.

The truth is, most of us ENDURE our job in return for a wage that allows us to live and start a family of our own.

We have fallen into the proverbial money trap.

A prison of your own choice!

It provides for most of our needs except the most important of them all, FREEDOM!

The freedom to CHOOSE and truly live our lives in the way that we desire.

The freedom to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.

The freedom to fit our work around us and our family, and have the opportunity to watch them grow and flourish.

What a WONDERFUL opportunity!

The longer we stay in our job, the more we come to realise it’s NOT PROVIDING us with what we most want and need most, and never will.

Our dissatisfaction grows.

dissatisfaction image

It consumes our most valuable of assets (TIME AND FREEDOM), generally for too little income.

Most jobs DEMAND too much life for too little financial return, and every day it becomes a little bit harder to leave.

We may often change and upgrade jobs and may increase our income, although this is usually accompanied by MORE RESPONSIBILITY and even less freedom.

Most people accept their lot in life as if this is the way it has to be.


Money dependency is the MAIN REASON most individuals stay employed!

The other more important reasons are far less obvious.

Many individuals love the idea of working for themselves and would be great at doing so, but in truth don’t believe they can achieve it!

Nor, do they KNOW WHAT TO DO, or how to begin.

They lack self-confidence and self-belief, although this can easily be overcome.

Let me introduce you to a very different way of thinking:

Your job is simply an ELEMENT in someone else’s stream of income!

Yes, you are just a REPLACEABLE COG, everyone with a job is!

machine cogs

Some individuals remain income generating COGS for all of their working life until they wear out and are replaced by a newer cog.

However, your job provides NO GUARANTEES of security, and you could be made unemployed tomorrow.

Then you’ll be forced to join that long and difficult queue competing with so many others, all in the same negative position.

The unemployed who need to become cogs again, and rely solely on others to provide them with a means of generating their income.

The longer you're unemployed:

The more likely you are to accept ANY job that you can secure, not because you WANT to do it, but as you HAVE to do it just to survive.

Not a good position to be in.

Option Two:

Or, and by complete contrast, and starting very part-time.

You could begin establishing a new HIGH DEMAND stream of income which carries on paying you for many years to come.

You could grow and expand your new small business as much as you desire, or even create multiple income streams of residual profit.

These could be PERFECTLY TAILORED around how you want to live your life and furnish you with wall-to-wall significance, fulfillment, and happiness.

Then, you’ll NEVER be reliant upon anyone else ever again.

For most individuals, it’s an easy choice to make.

Just remember, and as already mentioned, NO ONE arrives here at the REAL laptop lifestyle by accident, and if they do, they don’t stop here long.

By contrast, and if you’re still reading, you arrived here searching for a solution!

Consciously or subconsciously you’re looking for more from your life, and who could blame you?

Right now, the laptop lifestyle and starting your own WFH work from home business is YOUR FOCUS, and it’s occupying the forefront of your mind.

You need to CAPITALISE and leverage this mental effort.

Or, and to quote an old and wise proverb:

“You Need to STRIKE While the Iron is Still Hot!”

I truly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a good reason.

You have already built mental momentum, that’s what got you here, and this is a great start.

The laptop lifestyle, as well as all work from home projects, rely upon momentum as it’s an essential component of business success.

In fact, building momentum is usually the hardest bit.

The more momentum you build, the easier everything becomes.

You’re already here and done the important research.

At this point, you’re just a few clicks away from discovering many ways of starting a new and more satisfying way of living and upgrading your lifestyle.

You’re about to discover many ways and methods of starting your own laptop lifestyle and living life on your terms.

Stay updated!

If you subscribe to my email list, I’ll continue to deliver more ideas and build your financial potential as well as motivating you to take action when you’re ready.

Click here to join…

One of the MAIN QUESTIONS I am constantly asked is how long does it take to establish a financially viable laptop lifestyle?

This is a difficult question to accurately answer without first knowing the individual who asked it, their work ethic and their level of commitment and determination etc.

I usually respond by saying the MORE EFFORT you put into establishing your laptop lifestyle, the sooner you will begin enjoying the results.

I also like to make the point that’s it the beginning of a lifestyle career that your entering, not a race, and one of the main benefits if that you should enjoy it.

However, as a rule of thumb, MOST INDIVIDUAL who begin a laptop lifestyle generally have the start of their profit stream established within a few months of getting started.

The BIG PRIZE for laptop lifestyle success is living your life on your terms, something which MOST people would simply kill for.

The laptop and WFH (work from home) lifestyle leaves you with very little to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Follow the advice you find on this site, start small and on a part-time basis and build and grow from there.

If you only focus on the destination, you’re going to miss the journey, and that’s the best part.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed!


Yes, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by information overload.

I have had it happen to me on a number of occasions, and it’s very frustrating and debilitating.

It’s far better to absorb and digests smaller bites of information, rather than trying to swallow a whole subject too soon.

This the reason I started the ’Cutting Edge’, as you absorb easily digestable volumes of information on a regular basis and make rapid advancement.

Discover more…

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