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3 God Like Techniques Which Will Tell You What Your Customers and Prospects are Ready to Purchase Next

…the concise special report!

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A good place to begin…

I’m sorry to have to admit it, but in the past, I was a master of creating products which no one wanted to purchase, and websites that no one wanted to visit!

In fact, I got it wrong so often I almost went bust.


My early attempts at running my own work from home business were a painful experience, and lesson which I learned the hard and tough way, until one day I learned to smarten up.

It was probably my initial disappointment which made so persistent.

It was reading this statement that made the difference:

“If you keep on doing what you’ve ALWAYS DONE, then you’ll keep on getting what you’ve ALWAYS GOTTEN!

Having been a true past master of getting nowhere, I have always wondered why do people repeat foolish, ineffective, or self-destructive behaviors?

Upon reflection, I think there are many reasons why.

Probably the main reason for me was because I confused being busy with being effective, and boy was I BUSY.

I certainly wasn’t alone as I see this type of thinking in action every day.

I often hear “how could someone investing this much time and effort NOT get great financial results?”

It’s easy to STAY BUSY and achieve NOTHING when you’re doing the wrong things.

Others indulge in flock behavior.

If so many others are doing it then it must be good, is an easy mistake to make.

Sorry NO, this is just another great method for getting nowhere.

At some time the majority of us have played the STUPID game of following the follower (the flock) “mmaaaaaaaaaaa”, rather than following the LEADER (those who are making it happen), and finding out for certain what REALLY works.

I think I tried MOST time-wasting methods and must be a slow learner.

Eventually the penny dropped, and as a result, I started to change the way I did things.

What I needed to know was simple!

Was there was a market for paying customers just waiting for my latest idea? …and I need to know this well before I went to work and started investing my valuable time and hard-earned money creating it.

This, as you will see as we progress, I have managed to achieve in a number of ways which I’m about to share with you.

In fact, I have honed my skills to such a degree that now I usually know what my prospects and customers want to buy next, and what interests them the most MILES IN ADVANCE.

This means I am never short of profit-generating ideas that generate predictable financial rewards and results.

My campaigns rarely result in unpleasant surprises or lack of interest.

When I hit a campaign DUD, then, they are quickly dropped or upgraded.

What this report will do for you!


If I could sum this up the potential in just one sentence, here is what it would be…

It’ll help you generate far more PREDICTABLE income with far less work!

That’s HUGE, and what everyone wants, but a skill very few will ever take the time to learn.

You will make mistakes and have disappointments, I STILL do so, so the 3 BIG rules for success; test, test, and TEST some more.

Improve what's working, and throw out and replace what isn’t.

Just imagine, in the not too distant future, and if you follow the guidance provided in this report, you will be able to fairly accurately predict what your customers and prospects are interested in most.

Even cold groups of prospects.

What it is they need and want, and what you may be able to provide and sell to them.

This will give you a HUGE competitive advantage over your competition.

In fact, a MASSIVE advantage over most people with a business or service who need to sell just to stay in business.

I’m going to share 3 distinctly different techniques in the same order, which I mastered them.

You’ll discover the easiest way of quickly finding out what interests your site visitors the most by self-selection, filtering, and segmentation.

Use these techniques correctly and consistently and they will multiply your present profits many times over.

I suggest you learn and experiment and adapt with all of these techniques to find the ones which best suits you and your present business or service.

For most people, this will be a new way of thinking!

Welcome, I’m Kevin, thanks for joining me.

For this project future success starts with lists which will quite quickly become the most valuable of your assets!

If you don’t YET have a list, DON’T WORRY. We will begin building them from scratch and the bottom up, and it’s going to be far easier than you probably think.

Here’s a SIMPLE fact you should ALWAYS remember:

The stronger the relationships you build with those individuals on your lists, the more profit you will generate.

Read that again!

Customer lists, email lists, retargeting lists, etc.

Until you have a list of customers or prospects that you’re either on speaking terms with, or you can market to, REPEAT custom won't happen, and you’ll MISS COMPLETELY on the BIG profits.

Whatever you’re business or service, having a list of customers or prospects is essential!

A warm list of engaged prospects would be even better, but don’t worry, we can start creating one from zero, as you will soon discover.

These will become the individuals who’ll show you where you’re future profits are hiding, and a little like a metal detector will help you locate them with pinpoint accuracy.

The two types of lists which we’ll be concentrating on creating will be email lists and retargeting lists.

If you don’t understand the concept or how to use retargeting pixels, don’t worry it’s really quite simple.

At the end of this special report, I have provided links to a couple of tutorials which will quickly bring you up to speed if you need them.

Technique #1.

“List Segmentation”

Some of you may already be familiar with the concept of segmenting your email list, if not, let’s get more specific.

This same process will also create you a segmented retargeting list.

For this example, please imagine that your market place and field of interest is fishing!

The only thing I really know about fish is that it goes well with chips!

As your about to discover, I don’t know anything about fishing, although I’m sure there are many segments to this topic.

However, to keep it simple and make my point, I’m going to deal with just three fishing sub-niches:

  • Fly fishing
  • Trap fishing
  • Spearfishing

The shared interest is fish, but the method of their capture is completely different in every case.

Whether you’re a fisherman or not you can clearly see that those involved in these three fishing segments will have a completely different focus, needs and requirements.

In fact, they may not even be interested in the other two segments at all.

If you treated these fishermen the same and presented them with the same content, solution, and products, not only are you going to dramatically reduce your number of list subscribers.

Even worse, is the fact that you’re also likely to get a large percentage of your initial subscribers quickly unsubscribing from your email list as they discover that two-thirds of your content is off-topic.

They’ll become bored with the unrelated and irrelevant clutter from the other fishing segments.

As a result, you’ll generate considerably less profit than if you provide SPECIFICALLY for their individual needs.

What a sad waste of potential!

It’s the same with most marketplaces.

The more specific you can be, the greater the income you’ll generate.


Please read that again!

This fact is so important that you should write and display it in place of prominence until it is firmly fixed and anchored at the forefront of your mind.

Whatever your niche or market place or theme:

It can nearly always be broken down into many sub-niches and segments.

Many of these segments will be obvious and stand out to you like the proverbial sore thumb.

By segmenting your audiences your profit potential will multiply exponentially.

Side Note: I recently upgraded an older and un-segmented but profitable list, and using two simple principles (post segmentation and pre-opt-in segmentation), I increased my monthly profits by more than 400%!

I’m sure this fact has captured your attention!

So how do we segment our prospects and future customers?

There are a few different ways of achieving this and here is the simplest and most basic method.

Pre-subscription Segmentation

The first way of segmenting your audience which you can get started on immediately is with on-page segmentation which is simple to achieve by anyone.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s imagine you are writing a new blog post or article on fishing.

After providing your readers with some gripping introduction content to keep them reading it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff and to get more specific and reel the potential buyers in (sorry).

You do this by asking your reader a question and to make a simple choice.

It could be as simple as:

What type of fishing interests you the most? please click the most appropriate choice.

At this point, they are presented with three buttons or links such as…

  • Fly fishing
  • Trap fishing
  • Spearfishing

Their choice is hyperlinked and will lead them directly to another page which is dedicated to that specific niche of the subject.

Now you’re cooking with gas!

This will eliminate a good percentage of time-wasters from visiting these pages, and highlight the interest of those who do.

This is how to build your retargeting list!

If you’re a wiser marketer, you will have already placed both Google and Facebook remarketing pixels on these pages.

This means the moment a new prospect arrives they’ll instantly be added to your remarketing lists, and be none the wiser to what has just happened.

For you, however, everything becomes interesting as you’ll now have a way of marketing to a group who have shown a keen interest in a specific product or niche segment of a market.

When I first started retargeting or remarketing as some like to call it.

I placed just one pixel on my site and created just one advert to show to this list, and it still very noticeably increased my profits.

However, as I got smarter and became market savvy, I learned to put individual pixels on every page which held profit potential, as well as creating VERY specific adverts to follow my prospects around, and my profits doubled. 


If you’re not actively retargeting your website visitors, you’re throwing your profit potential straight down the drain.

Another Example

You may want to separate and segment visitors by gender!

The reason for doing so is quite simple.

For this example, let's imagine you’re selling both sexes the same product which sometimes happens.

However, their reasons for purchasing your product, as well as the way you sell it to them,  maybe COMPLETELY different.

Let's imagine that it was an item of jewelry you were promoting!

The way you would sell it to a woman buying for herself would be COMPLETELY different from a man who may be buying the same object for the lady in his life.

I could give you dozens of similar examples:

Addressing them individually and very specifically is likely to drive up your sales conversion rate quite dramatically.

There are so many ways of segmenting your marketplace, and generally, it only requires imagination and a little extra work to segment and then provide very specific content for your visitors.

As a result, you’re likely to build much stronger relationships and repeat custom with your prospects.

Keep in Mind!

It’s far easier to cultivate the relationships which you already have in progress, than trying to find new potential prospects.

Very few people do this and leave huge amounts of unclaimed profit on the table.

As you can see, segmenting is beneficial to both you and your visitor.

WOW Segmentation:

I so wish I had the ability to use the following method 15 years ago as for me, as well as lots of other marketers, it’s been the most useful tool since the invention of the wheel.

This makes segmenting of your list SO fun and easy, and it saves me hours of time.

So, let me provide you with an example:

Just click here to open a list segmentation pop-up.

You’ll have already experienced this or something similar when you subscribed to this special report.

To provide the greatest value to both of us, what I wanted to know most was your level of experience in email list building, so I provided 3 subscribe buttons which answered this question and allowed you to segment yourself as you subscribe.

Click here to open the pre-segmentation pop-up again…

In fact, in a friendly and useful manner, it forces you to make a selection which will provide us both with more value.

This amazingly intuitive, and must-have tool is simple to use and has probably increased my profits and returns more than any other piece of software.

Subscribing your visitors to your email list should be your primary objective, closely followed by converting them to customers. 

This amazing bit of lightning-fast software helps you do both!

I advise you to learn more about it as I’m sure you’ll also soon discover its power and potential to gain segmented list subscribers and then rapidly convert them into paying customers.

Just click here to discover more and watch a short video…

I use segmentation in every aspect of my small home-based business, and not only do I segment all new email subscribers so I can offer them the greatest value.

I also segment them into buyer (this is my most valuable of segments) and those who are most likely purchase ready and just need a little push to take action.

We’ll be dealing with this shortly.

Making More Sales:

Now we already know that with the use of retargeting pixels we can immediately start building our retargeting lists which provide us with a very warm and interesting market place to advertise to.

This will result in sales:

These growing lists have a VERY HIGH rate of sales conversions, so please don’t miss this opportunity.

Now it’s time to take the next step which if done correctly will increase your profit potential exponentially as you will soon see.

Later, it will tell you exactly what your prospects are most interested in, and what they are most likely to purchase next.

First, we have to get them to subscribe to our email list and then the magic will begin to happen!

There are many ways of doing this, and if you’re offering your site visitors good content and information they find valuable, many will be looking for your subscribe button, but don’t rely on this!

If you passively leave your visitors to find that link alone you may be disappointed, and I promise that it’ll lose you multiple opportunities on a daily, if not HOURLY basis.

By complete contrast:

My opt-in subscription rate runs between 20% and 60% of my visitors, SERIOUSLY!

I’m sharing this with you not so much to show off as much as impress upon you that with a little effort you also could begin getting similar results.

Where most webmasters are pleased with a 1% or 2% visitor subscribe rate, mine rarely falls below 30%!

…and I’m about to show you how to achieve the same results.


There are a number of ways of doing this and what follows are just two of my favorite methods.

Experiment with them both to discover which works best for you.


I usually offer a small and hard to resist insensitive such as the one below.

If you don’t know how to create them yourself check out where you’ll get one created inexpensively.

I create an attractive image which I place on the page in a suitable spot which is difficult to miss. This one has a very high 40%+ rate of conversion.

Click on this, and my favorite tool, convert box which I mentioned earlier, immediately opens a segmented opt-in form.

However, using convert box, the same opt-in form can be easily configured to appear when your visitor reaches a certain point on your page, or after a certain time, or even as they exit the page, the possibilities are endless.

I generally use a variety of these and each increases my opt-in potential even more.

Your Bribe

Now the one I’m offering above is in excess of 20k words, but I don’t usually do that, in fact, this is the first time and an experiment.

Generally, my incentives are short and to the point, and maybe just a few pages long, or even one page if it’s a tick sheet or checklist.

I also use short email sequences of information as incentives which are a simple flow of 3 – 7 emails of 300 – 500 words each.

Sometimes, I just offer the benefits of joining my email list.

You’ll only be limited by your imagination

Don’t make this too difficult for yourself and test EVERYTHING.

Whatever your incentive though, it does have to have perceived value, and do what it says on the tin.

If you experiment with your opt-in material, and test which works best, you’ll soon begin to get good at it and equal an opt-in percentage similar to my own.

Why is so important to get them on your email list?

I’m sure the many benefits of building an email list are obvious, but here the most important again anyway:

  • Building a trusting relationship

There is no better method of taking your subscribers from being prospects to purchase ready customers than by using email. It’s your opportunity to WOW them, over-deliver and builds trust.

  • Generate an income

Obviously, when you keep subscribes warm and happy, you’re likely to sell them multiple products or services. Some of my subscribers have been on my list for 12 years and buy from me regularly.

  • Discover what they want to buy next

This has to be the biggest benefit of all and we’ll be coming to this next.

Once they're on your list, you can ask them what they want!

What interests them most that you’re not presently dealing with.

When you have your own email list, even a small one, you have potential and it will soon become your most valuable of assets!

As a matter of interest, a friend has a VERY SPECIALISED list just 200+ subscribers stong which generates an absolute minimum of $27 per subscriber month, some month that figure goes about $100+.

I share this to highlight you don’t need a BIG list to generate an enviable income, just a responsive one.

Discovering WHAT prospects are MOST interested in!

This comes down to the autoresponder you are using as not all of them will offer you this same facility and profit potential.

As far as I know, the only one that gives you this level of intuition and automation.

It’s Active Campaign!

Here’s a link to a free trial for you to check it out for yourself…

What I can tell you is that switching to active campaign a few years ago was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made as a SERIOUS MARKETEER it will do so much for you.

One of these features is tracking the movements of your subscribers on your webpages.

Just imagine, this will highlight exactly what your subscribers are MOST interested in.

Not only that, you can automate much of your selling process.

For example:

The moment one of my prospect’s lands on a specific page, or, after they have arrived there a specific number of times highlighting their interest, I can have active campaign send them a pre-prepared email or sequence of emails offering further insight on that specific topic.

These are red hot prospects almost SCREAMING OUT what it is they're interested in!!!!

…and using this technique I’m selling to them on autopilot.

Can you see the potential?

This technique is HUGE…

More recently I have been sending one of my lists a weekly round-up of thoughts and ideas, and included in each are a number of subject-related test links which are there solely there to determine my readers level of interest.

This practice has provided me with huge feedback and insight into the development of new material and profit potential.

Most of which I would have never have guessed in a thousand years.

I can quickly discover what they’re most interested in without wasting a moment of my time.

Most business owners simply guess and presume the needs and wants of their customer and prospects and as a result, get it wrong most of the time!

These techniques keep me well ahead of the wave, and they will you also if you adopt this simple and smart practice.

Rapid Profit Generation

This technique has been borrowed and adapted and now you’re going to benefit from it also.

What follows is a simple and minimal time and effort technique for rapidly testing the level of interest in new ideas and projects.

It takes me just a couple of hours at most to create and get running, and testing costs me just $1 a day.

Then, if it’s a winner, it’s easy to scale up within just a few minutes.

My first project:

I initially started this with the sole intention of just building a new and specific retargeting list which I could advertise to.

However, it worked out far better than I could have imagined as you’re about to see.

I have been using Facebook ads for a long time with mixed results.

Then in a group, I belong to someone shared that Facebook video ads can be an extremely cheap method of attracting prospects, so I tested it and found this to be true.

The first ad I ran at just $1 a day costly roughly 1c per view, or to be more exact I had 103 views for $1.06

That’s 103 warm prospects who were added to my retargeting list and if the results stayed the same more than 700 would be added to my list in just a week, now that’s potential.

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg, and I was just about to discover the true value of this technique…

Below is a link to the video advert I created and ran, as you can see it’s short simple and straight to the point.

As the advert did the selling, I linked it to the simplest landing page I have ever made, the below link will lead you to it.

This how to make money…

I wanted to make sure that this initial success wasn’t just a fluke, and that I could recreate the process again and again.

Inspired by the speed at which I could test possibilities, I ran another couple of ads, the first bombed and the other bowled me over.

The difference was this, the bribe I used as an incentive to get subscribers to my list included a link to a solution which I just happened to be an affiliate for.

At the time of writing (6 weeks on) this simple project is STILL generating income on a daily basis, and I imagine it will carry on doing so for quite a while, so sorry I am not sharing it here.

I am sure you understand, but this is what happened:

Once again, I linked my video ad to a simple landing opt-in page and on day one I attracted just 3 visitors who I added to my new retargeting lists.

So, I changed the audience which I was advertising to and the next day I attracted 19 people to my landing page and 9 opted into my email list!

WOW, I was really impressed, but this was just the beginning!

Remember I was only spending $1 per project, per day and the same on my retargeting ads.

The next day notification of my fist affiliate sale which netted me $34 in commission arrived, and over the following week, I made two more sales.

I had created $102 in commissions for a cost of just $5!

Then, in the same week, by running retargeting ads to this audience I made a further two sales, a total $150 in net commission!

Can you see the power of this!

I now have a number of projects running which ad commission to my bank account on a daily basis.

As you can see, this is a great method of building your lists and generating profits, so please try it.

As I’m sure you’ll want to know, the video editor I’m using as it’s amazingly simple to use and is called wave, just click here to discover more…

Below is a BONUS video

Your Potential:

​You’re now in the position of having 3 amazing, tried, tested and proven techniques for getting a strong insight into what your customers and prospects what to buy from you next.

It gives you the potential to multiply your present profits, but only if you use it and take action.

If you feel you need any additional help I (depending upon my schedule may be able to help) just click here to discover more….


Your feedback is essential!

So, please take a few minutes to give me a short testimonial, what you have found most useful in this special report, etc. If you can record a short video testimonial that would be even better.

Thank you in anticipation of your kind help.

You can send it to me by clicking here…


Here are links to those retargeting tutorials:


Coaching and mentoring

I consult and take on the occasion mentoring client, so click here to discover more…

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