Thank you for your interest, I’m flattered and glad to share more about me and my lifestyle of which I am very proud.

Let me begin by admitting I am not a NORMAL person, in fact, far from it!

I am not saying that I am ABNORMAL or WEIRD, just by most people standards I’m VERY DIFFERENT!

…especially in the way that I live my life.

I have never been one for convention, formality or authority.

I have ALWAYS been the odd one out.

I like to live life on MY TERMS and am not afraid to break the rules and turn conventional thinking on its head to do so.

While most people ZIG, I choose to ZAG!

Some people find this a little threatening while the more enlightened find it liberating.

I have found that when it comes to business it’s a good idea to watch what the MAJORITY are doing and then do the complete OPPOSITE.

In fact, this is not a bad strategy for life in general.

I am NOT hindered by what other people think of me.


I have worked for myself, usually from the comfort of one of our beachside homes for the MAJORITY of my life.

I have run a variety of successful businesses, and a couple that experienced EPIC failures!

When someone finds it difficult to describe what they do, it’s generally because they are entrepreneurial in nature.

I used to accurately describe myself as a speaker, mentor, and writer which is quite a mouthful.

More recently I shortened my description to Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur, as everything I do starts and finished on a computer.

That’s the inspiration which spun off into the development of this website.

Although I often work on a nice widescreen desktop computer, I could run my whole business of the i7 laptop I’m writing on now.

I also use a tablet, a variety of notepads, although I find my smartphone too small to do any real work upon.

My most important tools are my digital dictaphones, these I use to capture valuable thoughts and ideas the moment they come to me.

I keep one in my car, another by my bed, and try and keep a third in my pocket.

I hope this HIGHLIGHTS the level of importance I place on capturing thoughts and ideas immediately.


At the time of writing I am 62 years young, where did the time go?

I have no plans for retiring for a couple of good reasons.

  1. I enjoy my work with true passion, and most mornings enthusiastically throw the sheets back ready to get started almost immediately.
  2. I have too much knowledge and valuable information to share with those who are interested in listening, to stop now.


I have very stupidly entered into a variety of business partnerships and quickly DEEPLY regretted them.

I have been slow to learn from this painful lesson as I have repeated the same mistake MANY TIMES!

I find partnerships restrictive, or that I do ALL of the heavy lifting, and have NEVER once found anyone who gives the deal the same commitment as I do, and this is a problem.

My business partnership experiences soon proved to be more time-wasting trouble than they’re worth.

Disagreements and bad feeling are something I can defiantly do without.

I work better alone, and I NEVER once have I experienced an argument or disagreement with myself.

Occasionally, I have been tempted to participate in TEST joint ventures and found them very much to my liking.

Recently, I developed a strong and ongoing joint venture with Faith Pepper, who I incidentally mentored for a number of years ago, so we understand each other well.


I think I am addicted to food and comfort or emotional eating.

Every time my wife decides to savage me, I generally head for the kitchen and add approximately 10lbs, so it’s all her fault! (I hope she doesn’t read this!)

I have to admit that I eat too much and move too little, however, I am now positively altering this fact and have lost a TON of weight and feel really great!


I enjoy people in general, and particular good conversation although I am VERY SARCASTIC!

I just love writing (generally articles), I also enjoy reading and good books as well as being around my family, although I think I drive them mad.

I am naturally curious and enjoy watching television, good food and particularly appreciate watching a good sunset with a glass of wine in my hand.

My wife Tess is about as different as I am in other ways and acts as my self-appointed conscience, PA and manager.

Yes, she is definitely the BOSS and I love her to bits although I am terrified of her!

I love helping people!

In fact, I don’t think there is a better feeling in the world than helping someone overcome their challenges or problems, and taking them closer to achieving their dreams.

This is how I became a mentor!

My interest in ALWAYS offering value led me to achieve my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner and Master Practitioner qualifications in my thirties.


You probably already noticed earlier on this page that I referred to our beachside homes, no that wasn’t a typo.

I live right next to the beach in the UK’s lovely West Country in the warmer months of the year.

Then, for the 6 of the cooler and COLD months, I live in our second home in Cebu, the pearl of the orient in the sunny Philippines.

It’s a great lifestyle and I work in both locations.


Generally, I am an early riser and get up just before dawn.

It was 26c as I watched the sun rise over the mountains of Negros from my bedroom veranda this morning.

I generally work for between 4 and 6 hours, or until my wife starts nagging me to stop, or she requires a taxi driver.

She always says I am a workaholic which is just an alternative perspective of someone who loves their work.

I generally work 7 days a week, unless the commander has other plans and wants to do something specific.


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