The ESSENTIAL for Becoming Your own Boss.

…this is How to Establish Your Own Lucrative Laptop, or, (Work from Home) Lifestyle!


After being employed and having a job, does the idea of becoming your own boss sound attractive?

If so, this short article will provide every ESSENTIAL ingredient for ongoing financial success.

Anyone can establish their own business or profit stream if they keep it focused and uncomplicated!

So, I’ll keep what follows SIMPLE.

If you choose to take action with the following information, it will put you light years ahead of anyone else.

You’ll establish your first profit stream within a matter of months. Then soon after, see tangible financial results dropping into your bank account on a regular basis.

Enjoy your enlightening short read…

Let’s Begin With What Should be a HUGE Motivating Fact!

When it comes to establishing your own laptop lifestyle or work from home project, and becoming your own boss:

Very few people really FAIL.

The truth is that they DON’T have a process to follow which leads them to success, or, and just as likely, they never really put in the required effort to get started at all!

If they had:

Then getting started and becoming SUCCESSFULLY ESTABLISHED is not difficult, ESPECIALLY when you have the desire, an understanding, and a direction.

So now it’s time to go back to school and learn this simple process, and then follow it to your own financial success!

Where to Get Started!

Let’s divide these success ingredients into two category headings.

FIRST: the attributes you already have, but probably don’t know how to use!

SECOND: then outside influences

What You See Is the Way It Will Be!

Mindset and mentality

Your mind is an AMAZING tool.

If you use it correctly it will deliver you the most

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astonishing results and help you to be successful at VIRTUALLY ANYTHING.

I say use it correctly, simply because MOST individuals don’t.

In fact, FAR from it!

Let me give you a quick overview.

FIRST: you need to think positively and never let negative self-doubt or destructive thoughts stay in your mind for more than a moment.

Play it forward…

The simple way of achieving this is by creating an image or video in your mind’s eye of you successful and happy in your achievement, whatever that may be.

Have the discipline to instantly REPLACE negative thoughts with your own positive self-serving image.

Dwell on your positive self-image and constantly upgrade and improve it. Or, turn it into a series of images that become your personal success video.

Fake it until you make it and your image becomes your reality.

Also, a great book you should read is: Yes Attitude by Jeffery Gittomer.

SECOND: you’ll advance in the direction of what you think about the most!

self employment support image

Seriously, you will start moving towards the tangible achievement of your prominent thoughts as they stay at the forefront of your visual mind.

You choose what you think about, so once you’ve decided what it is you want to achieve, bring it to mind as much as possible.

Create an image or video of you enjoying your desire, see yourself in your image happy and contented, and you will start moving towards it.

There is nothing spooky about this!

Whatever is at the forefront of your mind is most likely to receive action and attention first.

  • If hunger is on your mind, then you are likely to eat soon after.
  • If you’re thinking about sleep, you’ll quickly grow tired.

Begin using this simple and powerful process to your advantage and becoming your own boss..

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What You Believe, You Can Achieve!

This fact is SO IMPORTANT, you should have it tattooed on your forearm, and read it on a daily basis.

Whatever it may be, if you don’t 101% believe you will be successful, then the chances are YOU WON’T.

By complete contrast, you are likely to be UNSUCCESSFUL due to fear and procrastination.

Self-belief generates self-confidence and is the most important aspect of the success process.

I know what you’re going to ask next!

How do you build your levels of self-belief and self-confidence?

The answer is simple, although a little out of sequence.

You use the outside influences we will come to shortly to build your levels of knowledge and understanding, and then your belief in your success will swell and grow.

You will reach the point where you just HAVE to take action and breathe life into your new project.

Do this and you will become a GIANT step closer to becoming your own boss!

How to Achieve Amazing Results.

As your levels of belief become stronger, your levels of desire and determination will also grow in equal proportions.

You may even want to achieve it so much it begins to hurt.

Your desire and determination, in turn, will trigger a hot passion and burning enthusiasm for your subject and achievement of your objective.

Your passion and enthusiasm are what will motivate you into action every morning until you have accomplished your objective.

As you can see, one ingredient and personal virtue develops, feeds and grows another. It’s a positive upward success spiral which ANYONE, including you, can use and plug into.

Outside Influence

How to Stay Turbocharged Keen.

Essential factors in the success process are staying motivated and inspired so you WANT to take action.

There are many ways in which you can stay highly motivated, as well as delivering the levels of necessary inspiration to take action.

The best way is by gaining a constant flow of quality input, such as being part of a relevant membership, or belonging to a quality mailing list, or reading quality blog posts.

I’ll also provide you with a simple and practical solution shortly.

Learn More – Earn More!

You can NEVER have too much knowledge!

In fact, there is a direct correlation between your level of knowledge, and the level of income you will generate.

For that reason, you need to commit to becoming a lifelong student in your field of interest. Please remember that the more you learn, the greater your level of self-belief and self-confidence will also become.

The greater your understanding of your subject matter, the more MOTIVATED you will become to taking ongoing action.

Reading and books, especially entrepreneurial and self-employed work from home and laptop lifestyle books, should be at the top of your reading list.

They are inexpensive, and in just a few hours you can possess the distilled experience which may have taken the author a LIFETIME to gather and gain.

If you commit to reading-related business material for just half an hour a day, you will elevate yourself to the position of all aspiring entrepreneurs.

In fact, you should get into the HABIT of reading any book which is related to running a successful business, from network marketing to photography, to successful computer practice, etc.

On my office table sits a small pile of books patiently waiting to be read, and as these are consumed, they are generally replaced by others.

Sitting next to me on my desk is my favorite possession, my KINDLE book reader which is slowly taking over from purchasing hardback books completely.

It’s so convenient, right now I am carrying 300+ Kindle books with me wherever I go which I can dip into as and when I desire, as well as HIGHLIGHTING EXTRACTS, making notes and collating them all into one short document.

I would also suggest that you keep your eye open for related webinars, Facebook articles, and tweets on Twitter, and topic quotes, each will increase your growing knowledge base.

Reiteration: No one ever DIED of an overdose of knowledge!


Follow the Leader!

The best way to get out of your job and find financial freedom is by starting your own business, and the solution is really simple. Find and follow a system that is proven to work.

There are plenty of memberships and magazines which you can subscribe to. However, I doubt if many of them will be as inexpensive and as useful as this one…

email list opt-in image

The ULTIMATE Laptop Lifestyle!

When you mention the laptop lifestyle most people instantly think of someone sitting on a sunny beach staring into their luxury laptop, smiling and generating a heap of money while away on permanent vacation.

In 20 years, I’ve never seen ANYONE do that, or live this way.

I am a man who enjoys the abundance of this lifestyle 24/7/365 and NEVER yet have I worked ON a beach as it wouldn’t a conducive work environment. You would find the screens difficult to see, and sand could destroy your laptop.

However, I am fortunate enough to have houses in the UK and the Philippines which both sit on the beach, and I often work while overlooking the sea.

Most days, I work from my small office or balcony, sometimes from my car in a quiet and beautiful location, and occasionally from a busy cafe where I can indulge in people watching while generating ideas and scribbling my thoughts in a notebook.

I WOULDN’T change it for the world.

To me, the most accurate definition of a laptop lifestyle is a business or profit stream which I can take with me on my computer or tablet to where ever I decide to live or work.

The best thing about working for yourself is that like me if you choose you can become a true digital nomad, or, if you prefer, you can run a home-based business.

You can build a lifestyle career to suit you and your family requirements, what price could you put on that privilege.

What do I do next?


If your ready and confident, then start taking action, if you’re hungry for more then here is the best solution:

Claim Your FREE copy of the REAL Laptop Lifestye

The FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How Much Can You Earn

This is a question I am REGULARLY asked, and without knowing you and how committed and determined you are as an individual, it’s a difficult one to answer.

However, once established I would estimate that MOST individuals who took this seriously would generate an income of 4 – 6 times the average wage, in half the time it takes you to commute too and complete their job.

Please Note! Although many people measure a lifestyle career by the income it’ll generate for them, the profit you generate will be the tip of the BENEFIT iceberg.

Far MORE IMPORTANT is how happy and significant a fun and engaging career will make you feel?

How being able to work as and when you wish, and the hours which suit you your family, and present circumstances will improve your quality of life?

I am in my early 60’s and could have retired years ago, although I don’t think you could have a more enjoyable and interesting lifestyle than I presently lead, so I have NO PLANS for retirement.

The income you can generate is a greate reason for becoming your own boss.

How Long to Get Started?

When I’m asked this question, I generally tell people that SUCCESS is not a race!

However, it’ll all come down to you, your present level of knowledge which could be zero, and how much TIME you can commit to learning and getting started.

The fact that you have ZERO knowledge or experience in this field really doesn’t matter, because as long as you have the desire you will learn and be successful.

If you can put a minimum of 10 hours a week into learning and development you are likely to see rapid advancement.

Some individuals become financially viable in a matter of weeks. In fact, one girl I know established a £5k income stream from a standing start in her first month.

Others, take very much longer, although if they stay with it, they ALWAYS get there.

So enjoy the journey to becoming your own boss.

What Are the Big Obstacles?

The biggest obstacle and the main reason for lack of success will be YOU!

So long as you believe you will be successful, and continue to take action and add to your knowledge base so you will advance.

Every journey starts with the first step and often the finish line seems a long way off. However, if you’re consistent in your actions, and develop MOMENTUM, you will soon look back over your shoulder and realise just how far you’ve come.

Whatever the business or service, it’s about learning new skills and overcoming obstacles, every business has them. The more obstacles you overcome, the more profitable your business is likely to be.

NEVER give up!


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