Generating Income While You Sleep!

Is that really possible?

ABSOLUTELY, and I’d like to give you a residual income example which happened to me recently.

To catch the last of the summer sun, my wife packed me off for a solo week’s holiday in Turkey in early November.

The hotel was great, and the weather was wonderful, although it dramatically changed as soon as I returned home.

The reason I was alone was that my wife had other commitments, which was fine because I can quite happily enjoy my own company.

I generally have 4 or 5 such holidays alone each year!

I told you that I love my work, and usually, even while I’m on holiday I work for at least a few hours most days.

On this particular occasion, I was working on a new project and enjoying the lovely location at the same time.

It’s a great combination.

Now I should share with you that I generate the majority of my income from email marketing.

Income from my different profit streams rolls into my bank account EVERY DAY whether I work or not.

Usually, I check the income I have generated at the end of most days.

Although there are seasonal variations, I generally generate an enviable sum most days.

On this occasion, I’ve been playing with a new piece of software I had found nothing short of marvelous, and a great time-saving investment.

Of course, I wanted to share this news with my subscribers.

However, it wasn’t cheap, in fact, it was a sizeable investment, but well worth it.

At first, I was hesitant, but new my subscribers were fully aware that I only ever recommend something I saw value in.

On the morning of day two of my holiday, and before breakfast, I felt inspired, and in 20 minutes or so drafted an email and sent it off to my valued subscribers.

I then settled down to enjoy the day, some challenging company and conversation and a good book.

Just after lunch, and a few enjoyable cold beers I decided to check my email and could immediately see I had made a few sales of this new product, by the evening I had made many more.

In fact, that many I logged into my affiliate account to see exactly how many sales I had made.

BINGO $4400 in commission from this one product!

Not bad for 20 minutes work.

Four days later that sum had grown to $18,400 of net profit.

Is this a regular occurrence?

I generate a profit every day and little windfalls such as this one I just icing on the cake which happen a few times every year.

So, can you generate a profit why your sleeping, relaxing or away on holiday?


I’d like to share with you the fastest way of growing your laptop lifestyle knowledge and setting up your own profit stream.

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