How to Charge for Email Marketing

I’m about to introduce you to the concept of Minimum work, MAXIMUM profit and a profitable process of how to charge for email marketing .

Although you do need to learn a few things first.

Whether your new to email marketing with ZERO emailing knowledge, or you're a seasoned expert!

This article will show you how you can begin generating a residual income stream within just a week or two from today.

You’re probably wondering how I discovered this system, and why I’m willing to share it?

Let’s start with the second question first.

The reason I’m prepared to share it is simple!

You could live in a very small town or even a village and operate this same system without ever leaving your home.

More importantly, if there were 10 others in your area doing the SAME THING, there would be very little overlap or competition.

The possibilities of this e-mail marketing system are truly HUGE.

Quotation by Tamara Taylor

This is what happened:

My generous wife offered my services in an advisory capacity to one of her friends’ daughter.

She was a single mom and was looking to generate an income from home, as with babies and toddlers it was IMPOSSIBLE for her to take a job at that time.

All she wanted was the OPPORTUNITY to make money and generate a regular income and look after her children at the same time.

As soon as I spoke to her I recognise that she was a very authoritarian go-getter, and for that reason, I suggested that she started a service.

The reason for this is she could concentrate on learning one skill or system and begin generating an income quite quickly.

She liked the idea and we started exploring possibilities.

The second time that we spoke she was very enthusiastic about email marketing campaigns, probably because I had told her email marketing is where I generated 85% of my income.

However, I didn’t have any experience of running an email marketing service.

Occasionally, and if the subject interested me, I'm happy to write email sequences for others who wanted to develop a trust-based and engaged email list.

Other than that, this was my only experience of an email marketing service, although I was sure that we could get something going for her quite quickly.

Over the next few days I wrote down dozens of ideas on how to charge for email marketing, and so did she, and the potential for starting an emailing service helping others improve their business using email started to become VERY interesting.

Then she informed me she had found a simple system where she could run email marketing campaigns for local businesses.

In fact, as it was so inexpensive, she had already purchased it and gave me access to it also.

I’ll be sharing this how to charge for email marketing information with you shortly.

It was eye-opening and far easier than I had imagined.

It certainly was a very interesting way of generating residual income from emailing for small companies and shops, those who dealt directly with customers.

And with just a little help from me, she got started on it immediately.

We adapted and improved a few things and by the end of the first month, she had from a standing start generated just over £400 in net profit.

As you can imagine, she was ECSTATIC.

Now, this wasn’t the sort of business where you start from zero again every month, no, this was a residual sum which is likely to grow on a monthly basis.

Ongoing email profits quotation by Paul Zan Pilzer

Every month  her how to charge for email marketing project attracted new customers which now became FAR EASIER as she gained experience, and more importantly business momentum.

After six months she was generating realistice email marketing profits in excess of £2,000 in net profit each and every month.

How Much Effort Was Required?

In the first month she was flat-out learning and understanding this new email marketing service and pretty much worked every spare hour she had available.

Months 2 through till 4 she worked an average 30 hour a week, learning, building new customers and fulfilling her existing email customer commitments.

Then, in month five she set for herself a schedule.

She would find three new customers every month which was quite easy.

As well as concentrating on growing the profit from her now happy customers who were pleased to provide her with testimonials.

At this point, she was working approximately 10 hours a week.

That’s not bad for a five-month-old business generating a net (work from home) profit of £2,000 plus every month.

She had noted that her existing customer profit was increasing between by 5% – 10% every month, and this was set to keep growing.

this new email marketing service

Will, Mastering How to Charge for Email Marketing Make you Rich?

Anything is possible, although I know that it has the potential to provide you with a very enviable consistent income, and tons of free time.

It’s a STEPPING STONE and pathway to financial freedom and liberation.

The start of a new way of life, and who knows where it could lead you.

It’s absolutely IDEAL for anyone who wants to establish an income stream from the comfort of their own home, as well as having time to spend with their family.

Or, for that matter, involved in any pursuit which they desire.

How Much Profit Can You Generate?

After studying the system, I feel I could easily generate £4,000 to £5,000, perhaps MUCH MORE each and every month, and still have loads of free time.

If you begin thinking outside the box and include some of the tips which I offer to share below, who knows by how much you could improve your monthly income.

Below is a valuable gift I have created for you.

9 Tips for Making Residual Income from Email Marketing!

If your serious about developing a laptop or work from home lifestyle, especially if it involves using e-mail or email marketing?

Then you need this knowledge, so subscribe immediately and start to develop momentum.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below I have provided you with answers to the main questions you may be considering before discovering more about this inexpensive email service system.

When someone arrives at your website or Facebook page etc., you don’t know how long they’ll stay, or more importantly, if they will EVER return again!

Once they click away from your site, you’ve lost a HUGE opportunity.

That may have been your ONE AND ONLY opportunity.

By contrast, if they join your email list, they have just given you permission to WOW them, and begin building a trust-based relationship with them.

This gives them the chance to get to know you, and often it takes many exposures to you, your products or services before they are likely to become PURCHASE RECEPTIVE.

A well-optimised email sequence is an ideal vehicle to convert prospects into customers.

If you provide them with ONGOING VALUE, they are likely to stay on your email list for many years to come.

This provides you with the opportunity to provide information which will help them achieve their objectives and become a little bit closer to achieving their dreams.

Obviously, some of the products and services you may suggest are either going to be your own or those to which you generate an affiliate income.

They may not spend a penny with you today or tomorrow.

However, after they begin to trust and come to know you, then this is likely to change.

Building your own ENGAGED email list provides you with a VALUABLE opportunity to generate an ongoing income stream long into the future.

This is a great example of how to charge for email marketing!

The main reason for this fact is that most likely, until this point, you haven’t given improvement that much effort?

However, as you go through the reasons and HUGE benefits for creating your own email list, you may become more enthusiastic.

Strict rules of English don’t apply!

I soon realised that I needed to write in the same way I spoke in conversation with family or friends.

Do this and you will find writing emails both fun and easy.

Just write a short email every day, and then send it to yourself, and I PROMISE you will gain confidence and get better at writing very quickly.

Start taking notice of the emails which arrive in your inbox, it’s a FREE education!

You can learn from every one of them, what reads well, what attracts you, and the mistakes you should avoid.

If your SERIOUS?

I’d like to direct you to the site of a couple of friends of mine who are both experts at email writing and have made VALUABLE step-by-step videos on the subject, as well as other profitable SEO subjects.

This is a group of LIKE-MINDED individuals who generate their (often enviable) incomes online and via the Internet.

Being a member of this group is one of the best investments into my income generating potential that I have ever made, so check it out for yourself.

Just click here to discover more…

Anyone can master the art of how to charge for email marketing if they are pesistant.

Actually, very little!

As you reading this right now you have access to a computer, so all you need at this point is an autoresponder, I’ll tell you the one which I use in the next section.

You also need a way of adding new subscribers to your list.

There are certain software tools which will make your job much simpler, faster and more effective.

One NOW ESSENTIAL software which I use is so effective that I retrieved the cost of a lifetime membership within the first six weeks.

Here is the one I’m referring to…

This tool will provide you will a MASSIVE advantage.

Then it becomes not can I afford this software; rather can I afford to go WITHOUT this software.

However, there is also a specialised email marketing membership group which I have lifetime access to also.

This quadrupled my email marketing profits in just a few months.

Click here to discover more…

The cost of membership is not cheap, but completely inconsequential when compared to the ROI (return on investment it delivers).

A good auto-responder is the ONE TOOL you simply can’t do without, and I have pretty much used them all over the past 15 years.

For a long time, they all did pretty much the same thing.

However, a couple of years ago new email marketing thinking forced me to change to an autoresponder which allows me to AUTOMATE much of my marketing.

For instance, I can measure when someone clicks upon a link in one of my emails or has visited certain pages on my website.

In response, I create triggers to add them onto new lists or send them additional information.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so I suggest you click here to discover more…

you won’t use the FULL capability of this autoresponder immediately, however, as you progress the advantages it offers you GROW and will soon become clear.

You need to understand right from the very outset of your list building activities, a percentage of new subscribers will UNSUBSCRIBE quite quickly.

It’s the same for everyone, some subscribers just want to get your incentive or free gift, and then they unsubscribe.

Others use a secondary email address that they keep solely for this purpose.

I probably lose 20% to 30% of new subscribers within the first couple of weeks, although I’m NOT WORRIED as these are not my target market.

If you get a lot of subscribers, then you’re probably doing something wrong!

It’s up to you to work out exactly what.

If my subscribers stop opening my emails, I quite quickly tell them I will be removing them from my list if this continues.

I only want ENGAGED SUBSCRIBERS and by cleaning my list in this way, this is exactly what I have developed.

Highly responsive email lists are very FINANCIALLY PROFITABLE that most marketers would KILL for.

The running costs of my laptop and work from home lifestyle is between $120 – $150 per month, AT MOST!

My biggest costs are my autoresponder and website hosting.

In addition to this, I very occasionally invest in a new piece of software, and that’s it!

Compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses that cost 50 – 100 times more in MONTHLY OVERHEADS, and generate far smaller profits for doing much more work, my overheads are minuscule.

I have a friend who plowed his entire life savings into starting a small business and his monthly overheads and wages are in excess of £20k per month.

He works every hour God sends, and has done for the past 5 years, and yet his net earnings are NOT 20% of what my laid-back lifestyle delivers.

Enough said!

Please don’t consider any other method than SQUEAKY CLEAN white hat (transparent and honest) methods of building your lists.

Please remember, your list is a VALUABLE long-term investment, so look after it carefully.

There are many SHADY, grey and black hat (Dodgy) methods of building your lists available.

However, if you employ them, you’ll run the risk that the majority of subscribers will be very low quality, and won’t stay on your list for long.

Plus, (and FAR WORSE!) if Google discovers this fact your, website or property may be dropped from the search engines completely, or receive a ban.

Such action will IMMEDIATELY return you to square one!

The saleability of your website and list will disappear.

By contrast, if you concentrate on producing GREAT CONTENT, and finding sites which would benefit from backlinking to that content, you’re on the right path.

Make this a part of your daily, or weekly routine and you’ll soon start gaining favorable results in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

A few of the companies which I have helped have the most APPALLING email open rates of just a few percent.

What a NEEDLESS waste.

Yours doesn’t have to be like this!

Email to your list correctly, and use the strategies which I am about to suggest, and like me, you will start enjoying open rates of 60% plus.

If WHITE HAT email marketing techniques are of interest to you, I urge you to consider joining a group of LIKE-MINDED email marketers that I belong to.

Since joining my monthly profits have more than QUADRUPLED!

Click here to discover more…


This smart action is about

optimising your email list for MAXIMUM profitability.

Please imagine for this example that you have a REALLY LARGE e-mail list.

Split testing your email SUBJECT LINE will help you get the greatest potential open rate, which in turn will BOOST your email profitability.

It works like this:

There are lots of inexpensive or even free software available which will help you test in this way.

First, you would need to prepare your emails, let’s call them email A, and email B!

Email B would be a duplicate of email A except for ONE THING which would be the item you have chosen to split test.

This may be the subject line, the headline, or the offer, ANYTHING, etc.

Just one thing would be different, let’s imagine that on this occasion it’s your subject line.

Although this process is referred to as A/B split testing, it could, in fact, be A/B/C/D/E testing, and of course, every subject line would be different.

Once this has been prepared you send your email to a small portion of your list where email A goes to your first recipient, and email B is delivered to the second, and then email A again.

I’m sure you get the idea, it carries on rotating between your two test emails, or as many emails as you decide to test.

Your software which is sitting invisibly in the background records every email which gets opened, and after a while, you may start to notice one email gets more opens than the other.

  • Email A = 6 opens
  • Email B = 27 opens

It’s obvious to see which email will become your control piece until of course, you find an EVEN BETTER improvement.

Sometimes, this difference can be QUITE DRAMATIC!

You then obviously use the winner and deliver this email to the rest of the list, and your open rate is likely to be exactly the same as your test winner.

Writing compelling subject lines is a cross between a SCIENCE and a BLACK ART!

For that reason, I use a VERY USEFUL and time-saving piece of software that quickly finds me hundreds, if not thousands of subject and headlines which provide me with inspiration and ideas.

These are the starting point, and I quickly use these inspirational ideas to write a variety of powerful subject lines, headlines, and subheadlines.

I generally write a few of each and them play with them until I feel they are as good as I can make them.

If you want to discover more about this ESSENTIAL piece of software, then please click here…


Basically, double opt-in email is about security, although I am not certain that it is necessary.

If you happen to be mischievous you could add anyone’s email to an email subscription list.

This would mean that they would start receiving emails which they hadn’t subscribe for and didn’t want.

Why you would want to do this I don’t know?

This could cause annoyance and complaints if it happened (although I have never known it too!)

To prevent this, the double opt-in system IMMEDIATELY sends a confirmation email to ALL new subscribers including a link for them to confirm, either yes, or no, it was or wasn’t them who requested to be sent emails.

In fact, until they click the confirmation link no emails will be sent.

Personally, I don’t use this system!


For two good reasons, the first being a good percentage of subscribers won’t bother to click the second link, or won’t see it until a few days later, which will DRAMATICALLY REDUCE your opt-in rate.

Instead, every email I send carries an UNSUBSCRIBE LINK at the bottom which removes them from my list permanently.

If anyone ever complains that they didn’t subscribe to my email list, and it does happen occasionally, I tell them they can unsubscribe themselves any me email at any time, and later re-join me if they so choose.

This concludes this how to charge for email marketing article.

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