I HATE Commuting!

When it comes to employment, the one complaint I hear more than any other is: I’m fed up of Commuting!

Closely followed by: my commute time is costly, and also VERY time-consuming!

I totally agree, that’s why I work from the comfort of my own home and gave up commuting completely.

Did you know that here in the UK that the daily average commute time is two hours and 16 minutes?

A 2-hour commute would personally drive me MAD!

In that same time, I could get most of my days’ work complete without breaking into a sweat.

I even hate been stuck in traffic jams with a passion, especially on a nice summer’s day, so I know exactly how you feel about commuting.

Just stick with me for a few moments, because I have a solution for the more committed and forward looking amongst you.

First, let’s do the maths!

If you’re commuting two hours a day, that’s 10 hours per week, and 40 hours a month!

A full working week every month just wasted in commuting!

That’s madness, but it gets much worse!

Altogether, this adds up to 12 additional working weeks in lost time.

In addition to this you’re paying a good percentage of your hard-earned money in petrol and travel costs out of your after-tax wages.

By contrast, in that same period, without leaving the comfort of my beachside home I generate an enviable income.

Sorry, I’m not telling you this to make you jealous, but rather to highlight the potential if you change your thinking.

If you want to upgrade your lifestyle?

We’ll come to that in just a moment.

First, I’d like to ask you a rather rhetorical question.

would you prefer:

A: in addition to your job, a painful 2-hour daily commute?


B: working from the comfort of your own home and using that daily two-hour commute time to generate an income which could soon equal 4 to 6 times your usual wage?


I said it was a rhetorical question, and I know which one you’d chose?

Yes, I know, if it was that easy, you’d already be living this lifestyle.

So, let’s get SERIOUS, because I’m about to provide you with a very workable solution.

It’s working for yourself from the comfort of your home, more specifically, the laptop lifestyle!

It won’t require you to give up your job, in fact, until your replacing your regular income I advise you NOT to do so.

You can begin VERY part-time, and at a speed which suits you.

Neither will it cost you very much to get started!

If I captured your interest, is up to you to learn more about it.

Just click here to discover much more…

I’ll show you how to leave commuting behind you forever!

PS: did you know that when your self-employed you pay ALL legitimate expenses out of pre-tax profits.

That’s far less painful!

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