Job v’s Work for yourself Self Employment

Develop Potential!

…work for yourself!

Where most people see self-employment as a RISK. The top 5% of the most financially affluent individuals in our society do not!

The truth is, a job RESTRICTS your possibilities.

Change your thinking and you can HAVE IT ALL!

What follows should help you to recognise your full potential!

Working for yourself imageAnyone can upgrage their lifestyle imageWho will benefit from selfemployment imagebenefits of being your own boss imagehow to generate profit imageRules for success image

I hope you enjoyed the infographic and found it self-explanatory?

As I want to provide you with VALUE, and as the rules for success are the most important aspect of ACHIEVING ANYTHING, below I have expanded on these 9 points.


The Rules for Success!

Turn your dreams into reality imageGoals and Objectives.


Yes, I know, you already have them, lots of them, but if you have them then why aren’t you achieving them?

The answer is really simple.

Lack of focus!

It stands to reason you difficult to hit a target which you can’t see.

In fact, the better you can see it, the more likely you are to hit it!

Let me explain.

You can have as many goals and objectives as you wish, but only stay VERY FOCUSED on the achievement of just one MAIN OBJECTIVE at a time.

Have the discipline to stay focused upon it until you achieve it, and then watch your income grow!

By complete contrast:

Most people focus their attention on many targets all at the same time, and as a result, make very little progress.

Last week they were thinking about a different goal, next week, they’ll be thinking about another objective, and the week after that something else, and so on.

As a result, they never develop traction or momentum.

The solution, however, is just as simple as the problem!

What follows are the 4 ESSENTIAL STEPS to achieving your objectives and goals, one after another, in the shortest possible time.

1: Write them down!

There are a number of excellent reasons for doing this, the most important being when you write it down you are making a STRONG COMMITMENT to something you aim to achieve.

Also, writing your goals down is a SMART ACTION which ALL successful achievers’ practice.

Read that again: Not some of them, ALL of them.

This makes it a simple decision to make.

Get into the habit of writing your goals and objectives down in fine detail, the more detail the better!

E.g. what it will look like, what will be different, what color is it, how does it smell, and so on, FINE DETAIL!

BTW, you’ll be the only one who will see them, so let your hair down, drop your inhibitions and have fun and make them juicy.

Keep on improving and adjusting them until you have them written as close to perfect as you can make them.

I suggest you start a list of goals in an online notepad such as Evernote which just happens to be free.

2: Read them daily!

To begin with, I suggest that you read your goals a minimum of twice a day. First thing after you wake, and last thing before you go to sleep.

In this way, it will be the first thing into your mind in the morning, and the last thing before you sleep.

The reason for doing this is to make your main objective stay at the forefront of your mind for as long as possible. Why simply because you are most likely to take action with things you think about the most.

You can read all of your goal’s multiple times every day if you wish, and to begin with, I suggest you do so.

However, as you advance read your MAIN goal and objective and their achievement planning which follows the first thing every morning, and it will stay prominent in your mind.

3: Prioritise

What is most important to you, and WHAT do you want to achieve first?

You should ONLY work on one objective at a time, so make sure it’s the most important, always prioritise your objectives.

A great reason for using a digital notebook such as Evernote to store and easily retrieve your goals and objectives, and also that you can easily adjust and reorder them in order of priority.

It’s funny how the priority of some of your goals will change position as time passes.

Reading all of your goals is a very cathartic experience and helps you to become crystal clear on the big picture of life.

4: Focus on the most important first.

I know that I’m repeating myself here, but focusing on the achievement of more than one MAJOR OBJECTIVE at a time is like shooting yourself in the foot!

You’ll dramatically dilute your potential.

Certainly, you can have daily objectives, and a number of smaller goals you’re working on, but only focus on ONE major goal or objective at a time.

I have found that the more focused I become, the more income I generate, and the more I achieve.

Please remember:

Goals and objectives that are not committed to ink and written down in fine detail are just DREAMS and will stay dreams until you take them seriously.

However, the moment you take the time to write them down in fine detail, you have the beginnings of a commitment that could soon become a reality.

If you commit to read and improve them on a daily basis, you will begin to breathe life into them, and they’ll take on characters of their own.

Be consistent in this action, and before long your desire will become so strong you will just have to take action and start the process of making your objective your reality.

Prioritise them and then only focus on the most important!

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You can never learn too much image2: The More You Learn – The More You Earn!


Is this really true?

Yes, just so long as you put your knowledge to good use and take action with it, then it's 100% true.

If you don’t then it’s not.

Why aren’t all university professors and Ph.D.’s billionaires?

Great question, it’s true that most Ph.D.’s have huge knowledge and read approximately 200 books to achieve their degree.

However, they usually teach and regurgitate the information they have retained to others who in turn will do the same.

You may have heard the old saying?

  • Those who can do!
  • Those who can’t, teach!
  • Those who can’t teach, teach teachers.

Okay, it’s a bit cruel, although at the same time contains a certain amount of truth.

The majority of individuals won’t strategically use information in this way, only a small minority truly understand this principle.

The secret is simple:

When you have an idea of what you want to achieve, your objective needs to be to then learn and assimilate as MUCH about that topic, and related subjects as possible.

Then, and without hesitation, make your new knowledge work for you by using it, and putting it into action immediately.

For instance:

If you’re objective is to become an expert at marketing, then put your newfound knowledge to work and into action ASAP by testing and applying it!

Do this and you’ll soon master the process and become an expert in your chosen field of expertise.

Knowledge is cheap and sold for a small fraction of what it could be worth to you if you generate the habit of ALWAYS putting new knowledge to good use as soon as possible.

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3: Record your ideas as they come to you!


The moment you started to read this page your mind began generating potential ideas, and the sparks of good ideas.

The more you read and research the more ideas you will come up with, due to your ever-active subconscious mind?

They came to you for a good reason and just one good idea or combination of ideas could easily be worth a SMALL FORTUNE to you.

Unfortunately, the ideas of most individuals rarely get transformed into value, simply because they can’t remember them!

You see most thoughts and ideas that your mind generates only stay with you for a SHORT TIME and are generally quite quickly replaced by another thought or idea.

Another LOST opportunity!

capture, record and use your ideas image

Sad though it may seem, they may only come to mind once and then be lost forever!

You and I, my friend, have wasted a FORTUNE in exceptionally valuable ideas in this way.

Ideas which would QUICKLY REPLACE your income and dramatically improve your lifestyle, if only you had written them down and taken action with them.

Enough said, recording your ideas is SO important!

The simple solution to remembering and converting your ideas into income is to first record them in some way, and then read and improve them regularly.

Although a pencil and notepad always work well, the most convenient solution to turning your ideas into income is to invest in an inexpensive digital dictaphone, and keep it handy until you need it.

You won’t have to wait very long.

Record all of your ideas as they come to you.

Then, at the end of the day, or when it is convenient, transfer these ideas to permanent digital storage such as Dropbox or Evernote which are both free of charge.

4: Write plans and review them regularly!

Planning is just the next step on from goal and objective setting, and often when you reach this stage, they roll into one task.

While goal and objective setting concentrate on specifically WHAT you want to achieve.

Planning concentrates on the step-by-step process of HOW you will achieve it.

no one ever plans to fail image

It’s so important that I set time aside first thing every morning to read my main goals through at least once and look at the plans for their achievement at the same time.

Developing your plans and a successful route map to success rarely happens overnight but is a gradual and ongoing process.

In fact, you don’t have to know every step of your plans before you get started, these can be developed as you advance.

However, it is a good idea to have the OUTLINE and BIG CHUNKS of what you’re going to do clearly identified as soon as possible.

Every time I review my plans it generally triggers a few more ideas and improvements, and gradually my blueprint evolves.

Sometimes, and I’m not too sure why reading my plans triggers nothing short of a SMALL AVALANCHE of ideas which I record and assimilate into my plans.

I can’t stress strongly enough how important the planning processes really are.

To me, it’s my MOST IMPORTANT task of the day, and also the most enjoyable as it always refocuses me and my objective and takes me a big step closer to its achievement.

Just think, if Moses had spent more time planning, he probably wouldn’t have spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.

5: Get a mentor!

get a coach or mentor image

Before we learn more about the many benefits of coaching and mentoring, let me ask you a question that will help to make everything clear!

It’s a very simple question which concerns your main objective:

Given the choice, how soon would you like to become successful and achieve this objective?

Would you prefer success SOONER, or LATER?

Okay, it’s a rhetorical question because the simple answer would be ASAP in almost every case.

We always want the biggest, the easiest and the best results in the shortest time possible.

Well, that’s exactly what a coach or a mentor will do for you, they will help you to become the best you can be in the shortest possible time.

However, there are many ways of being coached and mentored.

You might choose to be mentored on a one-to-one basis, or, group coaching where you learned from the experiences of others.

Or, you may prefer to be part of a membership or a group.

I belong to a number of such groups which keep me inspired, motivated and educated.

Here is the link to a free group you may find interesting which I am also a member of called the SMO foundation, why not check it out for yourself?

… If it’s not for you, then it won’t have cost you a penny.

If you feel you would benefit from one-to-one coaching or group mentoring I would be glad to help.

More about mentoring, consultancy and coaching…

Just remember, a mentor will keep you focused on taking actions that matter most.

you must have a strategy image


6: Find or develop a profitable strategy!


…then stick to it!

Whatever it may be:

The biggest reason that most individuals FAIL is that they constantly jump from one idea to another without giving enough time to master one and make it work for them.

Jumping from idea to idea is a very poor strategy, and generally leads to failure, frustration, and disappointment.

By complete contrast, here’s the fastest strategy for the success of virtually anything:

Find a technique or strategy which suits you, and that you know works and has at LEAST ONE individual who is already successful and profitable.

This is your ROLE MODEL to follow and learn from.

Once you’ve found and committed to that strategy, stick with it.

Learn as much as you can and do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make it work which may mean ongoing improvements and adaptions.

Just remember, there is always a way, in fact, there are generally MANY WAYS!

You just have to find them, and that’s why I have recommended the SMO foundation group where you can see the success which others are enjoying.

7: Maintain a positive attitude!

believe in yourself and win image

Remaining positive whatever happens is an essential factor of ongoing success.

Never speak negatively; change the word can’t to: I don’t want to, or, I haven’t yet learned.

Don’t waste a moment of your valuable time on any kind of negativity, or sources that share it.

Don’t allow yourself to think about negative possibilities.

Letting negative thoughts into your mind is a little bit like praying for failure.

You choose what you think about, so think about something else, something nice, something positive!

When you get into the habit of always expecting the best, a strange thing happens, you often get it.

(Excuse my language please) Crap happens, and it happens to everyone from time to time, but maintaining a positive mind means you’ll get over crap really quickly, and back to normal as soon as possible.

When things are going well be positive when things are not going so well be TWICE as positive.

Just get up and bush yourself down and regroup.

By contrast, some individuals can make a bad event last them weeks, months, or on some occasions, let it ruin the rest of their life.

Don’t be one of these people!

Maintaining a positive attitude requires practise.

So, I’d like to recommend one of my favorite books which will help you develop and maintain a positive attitude as well as being an inspiring and motivating read.

It’s Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little gold book of YES Attitude.

8: Be consistent and build momentum!

If you develop the self-serving habit of only taking actions that create traction and help you advance.

Constantly improving what is working, and replacing what isn’t!

Positive forward movement and progress will soon become your reward.

Momentum is everything image

However difficult things may seem when you first start a new project, as you gain experience and understanding it becomes easier.

You start to build forward momentum, and what initially took you weeks to master and days to achieve can suddenly be completed in hours.

Positive momentum is like building a snowball which at first starts off with a tight handful of snow which you need to nurture as you roll it along the ground to pick up more snow and grow in mass.

At first, and like many things, growth can be slow and difficult, but if you stick at it, soon your snowball gets BIGGER and heavier, and with its extra weight the addition of more snow becomes easier.

In fact, it soon starts growing at quite an alarming rate, this is momentum in action.

It’s the same in business and with any new project or venture which you begin.

email list opt-in image

9: NEVER give up!

Just so long as you started your project with research and you know that there is someone making money from it, then you can also!

No one said it would be easy, but challenges can be great fun and deliver HUGE rewards, so stay with it.

There is always something else that can be done!

Even when you think you have tried EVERYTHING, you haven’t, in fact, you haven’t even scratched the surface.

Thomas Edison discovered thousands of unsuccessful methods of creating the incandescent light bulb before he found the one which worked.

Never give up image

Nowadays we take the electric lightbulb for granted, however, before its invention, the world was a far gloomier place.

Please remember that:

Becoming your own boss and freelance self-employment comes with many advantages.

There are entrepreneurial business owners today who started their own small business on a minimal or zero and grew it beyond belief. Lord Alan Sugar is one of those inspirational individuals, why shouldn’t you be next!

Read Lord Alan Sugar’s books to become inspired, they’re all a fascinating read!

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