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“The LAPTOP LIFESTYLE – Discover the Simple SECRETS of Living Life on Your Terms!”

…Never accept a Lifestyle that’s LESS Than You Want!


This subject is infectious and HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Reading this article will positively improve your Laptop Lifestyle understanding and income generating potential!

For those who take action, it will SERIOUSLY  upgrade your lifestyle and levels of happiness!

Read ALL of this page, and by the end of it, mild curiosity will have transformed into burning ENTHUSIASTIC desire, and a new objective.

Just add ACTION, and watch the magic begin to happen!


Pretty Girl Enjoying Laptop Lifestyle

Picture of Kevin Nairne a real laptop lifestyle entreprepreneurWelcome, I’m Kevin Nairne,

If you wonder why I’m still working at the age of 62, it’s simply because my Laptop Lifestyle brings me so much pleasure.

I have NO plans to retire, although I could have done so MANY years ago if I’d wished.

I love what I do as it's so engaging.

Click here if you want to learn more about me and my lifestyle…

A Financially Profitable Experience

No one arrives here by accident, you came here curious and hoping to learn more, so prepare to be enlightened.

I won’t disappoint you!

The Laptop Lifestyle attraction is different for all of us:

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Significance
  • Fee time
  • Money
  • Happiness
  • Etc

The list could go on and on.

For most individuals, it will be a mixture of all of these attributes which allows them to upgrade their overall lifestyle, and watch their family grow up while living their life on their terms.

Freedom of choice equals happiness!

35 Years of Business Success!

My Credentials

Why should you listen to me?

The simple answer is that for most of my life I have been a lifestyle entrepreneur!

For those of you above 40, I am sure you will appreciate a 60 year-old plus role model who can still more than hold their own, and is living the laptop lifestyle on a daily basis.

For anoyone younger, just think, if this chubby senior citizen can do it, then ANYONE can.

I have embrased the REAL laptop lifestyle since 1997 and taken advantage of the potential that the Internet offeres every one of us.

Unlike some Laptop Lifestylers who over sensationalise their work from home way of life, I'm just an ordinary tubby guy who eats too much and have a true passion for my work.

I don’t cuddle tigers, drive fast cars, climb mountains, or take adventure holidays, those things hold no attraction for me.

By contrast, I quietly live my life as I wish, doing EXACTLY what I want to do, at the precise time I want to do it.

Neither am I alone.

There are a whole load of others who are very successful and do exactly the same or similar.

A few of whom I have trained and mentored to become established and very profitable.

In fact, I was instrumental at the start of one mildly famous promoter of the Laptop Lifestyle’s career.

He attended a couple of the live seminars I used to run, consulted with me, and then went on to write a ‘New York Times bestseller on the same subject.

He ran a successful seminar business using many of the same techniques I promoted which he claims have made him a millionaire.

I have no reason to disbelieve him.

There is a small and growing army of individuals who lead a Laptop Lifestyle, or similar.

Best of all, and a HUGE positive benefit.

The WFH (Work from Home) market place will NEVER become too crowded or full.


crowd on a beach

FIRSTS: It’s a BIG, in fact, an ENORMOUS market place.

There are literally THOUSANDS of ways and methods of establishing financially viable, ongoing or residual income streams.

It's not difficult to come up with a cross-pollination of ideas that result in a lucrative method of generating your own ongoing income stream, which is unique to you.

Others may do the same or similar in different countries or areas with very little overlap.

Generally, you will begin to attract your own unique market place and type of custom.

There will ALWAYS be competition, which is a GOOD thing.

However, unless you copy one another, you will grow and develop your businesses in different ways.

Generally, your flavor and approach will appeal to different aspects of the market place.

You will rarely be stepping on one another’s toes.

Your potential is UNLIMITED.

You may have already noticed that this, the Laptop Lifestyle, or WFH (Work from Home) market place is a busy one.

The thing is we all present our products and services in different ways.

We have individualistic styles and what may be a comfortable fit and suit you, may not be to the taste of someone else.

We live in a very abundant world and if you’re open-minded to this fact and persistent you will soon find a place for yourself.

Let Me Define the Laptop Lifestyle!

Celbrating FreedomPlease notice that I rarely use money as a main component or incentive to keep your attention.

Money and ongoing income, preferably (RESIDUAL INCOME) are essential factors of the WFH (Work from Home) and Laptop Lifestyle.

But just as important, if not MORE so, are work-life balance, happiness and the freedom of choice to live as you wish, from wherever you want in the world.

Regardless of how much income you generate, this is the definition of true wealth.

Can Anyone Become Laptop Lifestyle Successful?

A VERY definite Yes!

Just so long you have the desire to do so and are prepared to adapt, and NEVER give up.

Never Give Up ImageI promise that you’ll make mistakes and experience failures, which are ALL part of the Laptop Lifestyle learning curve.

The technique which eventually generates the income to fuel your ideal lifestyle may be very different from your initial project, or your starter idea.

That’s the nature of the WFH (Work from Home) lifestyle.

New ideas, possibilities and potential appear on a daily basis, so just stay alert for them.

Stay constantly open-minded to possibilities, and versatile in your approach.

Don’t give up your day job JUST YET!

You can get started on a very part-time basis.

Then as your additional, and eventually your replacement income starts to build and grow, you can make more permanent lifestyle choices.

If you presently have a dull and less than satisfactory lifestyle, you can soon leave it behind, and let it dissolve into history

What the Laptop Lifestyle is NOT?

A BIG WFH (Work from Home) mistake that many people make is lack of initial EFFORT!

Success starts and finishes with HARD WORK, as well as SMART work.

It’s a simple equation, the more EFFORT you put in, the bigger your rewards, and the sooner you will start harvesting them.

Principles for Success!

Momentum is EVERYTHING:

“A body in motions stays in motion until it's acted upon by an outside force!”

Nothing comes easy imageOr, to put it another way, once you get your ball rolling everything becomes so much easier.

So always make this a priority!

I could now easily maintain my income streams in just a few hours work every week.

However, it wasn’t like that when I first started.

It required 100% effort until it became establish and generating profits.

Be prepared to commit lots of effort and you will become WILDLY successful.

My Laptop Lifestyle Objective is Simple.

To help you, and ANYONE, who wants to discover the truth about generating online income and WFH (Work from Home) profits.

To assist you in becoming comfortable, and intimately familiar with the correct tried, tested and proven techniques which lead to financial success.

Methodology that works every time!

I want to HIGHLIGHT the pathway and process to generating enviable (often residual) income streams, from the comfort of your own home.

More importantly:

I want to help you avoid the MANY booby-traps which will quickly waste your valuable time and money.

After all:

There is no point trying to establish a venture which is destined for failure and disappointment right from its conception.

This is often the outcome of the unsuspecting and unprepared who have no-one to advise them!

You need to be aware that MUCH of the freely available WFH (Work from Home) knowledge are simply rehashes of rehashes, which will lead you to disappointment.

Laptop Lifestyle advancement is quite simple and straight forward if you start correctly and follow the right formula.

I’ll introduce you to this shortly.

WARNING: Beware of 21st-Century Highwaymen!

muggerI don’t want to make a BIG thing of this or frighten you.

However, on your journey, you’re likely to come across MANY, let’s call them less than scrupulous individuals.

They’re just waiting for the next trusting would-be Lifestyle entrepreneurial prospect to come into view.

Usually, they don’t have to wait very long.

WFH (Working from Home) and the Laptop Lifestyle are VERY attractive concepts and juicy bait for the unsuspecting passers-by.

Especially those who are searching for ways of upgrading their lifestyle.

These often-misleading individuals know EXACTLY what you want, and how to quickly grab your full attention.

They’re very experienced and skilled in the art of getting you to part with your credit card details.

They took route and are only interested in cash rather than building long-term trusting relationships.

Although there are plenty of individuals who will claim otherwise: In truth, their only WFH (Work from Home) and Laptop Lifestyle experience are theoretical, rather than practical.

They offer regurgitated information that lacks true depth and any practical value.

Unfortunately, its usually only after you have discovered that their products and services are NOT going to deliver on their promise, that you realise that they came with a 30-yard guarantee.

My HUMBLE advice is this:

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

This why I started the real Laptop Lifestyle.

To combat misleading related sites and publications.

The good news is that the WFH (Work from Home) and Laptop Lifestyle will over deliver if you begin correctly.

Why Should I Trust You?


You shouldn’t!Lack of trust

Unless you’re already familiar with me of course.

A far better course of action would be to let me earn your trust by joining my email list.

Just Click here…

A few times a week I’ll deliver you a short bite-sized information-rich email.

Relevant content which will take you a step closer to establishing your own ongoing or residual income stream.

Tried, tested and proven tips and techniques.

I’ll also share the tools, software and solutions I have found that makes me productive and my work fun and easy, as well as generating the most profit.

All I ask is that you read my emails because they will help you rapidly advance if you stay with them.

By the way, your free to ask related Laptop Lifestyle questions if you wish by using the ‘Ask Kevin’ Page. click here to do so…

If, after a good trial, my flavor of Laptop Lifestyle tips and techniques are not for you, then feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

You’ll soon come to your own conclusion, and if I’m a charlatan or the real thing.

What Do I Get Out of It?

That’s a great and very relevant question so let me be 100% transparent with you.

Helping people is how I generate my income, although I only generate profits from a small percentage of those who join my mail lists.

I generate my income in 3 different ways.


As I have already mentioned, I will be sharing some of the products and software services I use.

These tools will make WFH (Work from Home) and your Laptop Lifestyle easier, quicker and more profitable.

The links I provide you with are the cheapest method for either purchasing them or trying them out if you’re interested.

If you purchase, and at NO additional cost to yourself, I am credited with a commission.


In conjunction with Faith Pepper I run an inexpensive, monthly online WFH (Work from Home) magazine.

It’s hands down the best way of beginning your own Laptop Lifestyle.

It’ll keep you well supplied with ideas, inspiration and ongoing motivation, just click here to discover more…


As you may have heard me mention I also mentor people in establishing a profitable Laptop Lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about this service just click here…

Three Ways of Generating a Great Income Stream

Please understand that there are three main WAYS in which to establish your own WFH (Work from Home) profit stream.

Let cover them one at a time.


Work from Home Profit Streams!

mom working from homeThere are 1001 different ways and methods of generating an income from home, or in your local area, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Many won’t use a computer at all except to promote yourself!

You can create your own product or service and market and promote it locally, national or even internationally.

When you subscribe to my email list, I will immediately provide you with a list of 46 very practical WFH (Work from Home) jobs to get your creative juices flowing started.

This would be much better than a job or being employed by a company.

Although you are generally still trading time for money or employing others to work for you.


Online income Generation

working onlineThis falls very much under the Laptop Lifestyle umbrella.

Again, there MANY ways of generating an income online and from the keyboard of your computer.

If you have an in-demand skill or are prepared to learn or master a new one?

Then you can stay very busy by promoting your services on or etc.

I know a few individuals who generate EXCEPTION incomes and lifestyles in this way.

Whatever your skills, there are many unique ways of marketing them, and there is no shortage of similar services which will provide you with both examples and encouragement.

There is always someone who wants to learn and master specific skills, and this generates an opportunity.

Knowledge which you could master and add to your growing arsenal of topics which you can mentor, coach or teach to others.

Just think outside of the box and you will find many opportunities.


Residual Income Streams

This is my personal preference, create it once, optimise it and it could easily go on generating you an enviable monthly income with just a minimum of maintenance.

There are so many possibilities and methods of generating residual income streams, far too many to list here.

To get a constantly growing picture of the potential, consider subscribing to the ‘Cutting Edge’ WFH (Work from Home) magazine. Click here to discover more…

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)!

What follows are the Laptop Lifestyle related questions that I am most frequently asked.

Is the Laptop Lifestyle a Myth?

flying mythical dragonVery definitely not!

Today there is a small army of individuals who have wisely traded they're less than satisfactory job and employment for a new WFH (Work from Home) career.

One which offers them financial security and a Laptop Lifestyle packed with significance and fulfillment.

Best of all, it fits around their family needs rather than generating conflict.

Fastest Way to Start the Laptop Lifestyle!

The fastest way to start the laptop lifestyleFirst, add your name to my email list below, and I will immediately begin providing you with related value which will lead you towards Laptop Lifestyle success.

I’ll immediately provide 46 WFH (Work from Home) income possibilities and ideas that will really get you thinking.

Click here to join my LL email list…

Another wise action would be to check out my WFH magazine.

Realistically, What Income Can Be Generated?

I am not going to use what I generate to act as a carrot to attract you, because this is about you, and not me.

Instead, let me ask you a question?

What do you WANT to earn?

Bank notes in a walletI personally know a few individuals who have become EXCEPTIONALLY wealthy from using the Laptop Lifestyle principles.

ANYTHING is possible!

We all have different needs and desires.

However, realistically, most of the people I know who WFH (Work from Home) generate an income of between 4 – 6 times the average wage.

Usually, they don’t have to commute or have the frustrations of a boss, or the demands of a regular job.

Why Do People Fail?

When it comes to the Laptop Lifestyle, disappointment generally comes to those who try it, but then fail to get started!

They dip their toes but don’t give enough initial effort or commitment to develop momentum, or perhaps they get cold feet.

Joining my LL email list, or subscribing to the ‘Cutting Edge’ magazine will help you avoid this happening to you.

What Does it All Cost?

You probably already have everything you need to get started without spending a penny.

Credit card machineCompared to traditional brick and mortar type businesses, the cost of establishing yourself to live a highly successful Laptop Lifestyle is miniscule and almost insignificant.

However, you should NEVER be afraid of investing in yourself and your income-generating skills, knowledge and abilities.

Once you know how, and you’ve mastered the actions and skills to generate your own ONGOING or RESIDUAL income streams, they will be yours for the rest of your life!

Invest into them once, use them FOREVER, what a great deal!

I recently invested in a piece of software that cost me $600+, it was a one-time purchase and generated me ADDITION profits in excess of its cost in the first 6 weeks.

If you're serious, abandon limitation thinking and look at long term returns instead

Can You Really Work Anywhere?


I live in the UK in the warmer months of the year, and more specifically, work from a LOT of different locations, generally from my car in quite country beauty spots when the weather is nice.

Sometimes I work in my car, although I also carry a fold-up chair, table, and umbrella to shade my screen in the trunk of my car.

My wife also sends me on frequent short breaks, generally in the Mediterranean and I ALWAYS work in the morning wherever I am.

In the winter I live in our second beachside home in Cebu in the sunny Philippines.

My work satchel carries my laptop, tablet, and notebook, and I’m FULLY armed to work from ANYWHERE I desire. 

How to Guarantee Laptop Lifestyle Success?


Research, experiment and grow, learn as much as you can about successful WFH (Work from Home) techniques.

Decide what you want to do and develop a strong focus on it.

Set well defined short, medium- and long-term written goals which MUST be congruent.

Then read them, ESPECIALLY the ones which you working upon EVERY MORNING!

Do something towards their achievement on a daily basis!

Constantly test, keep and improve what works, throw out and replace what doesn’t.

Make your objective to do too much too soon rather than too little too late, and NEVER give up.

Follow these simple rules and you will become HIGHLY successful.


Cutting Edge Magazine ImageThere is an EXCEPTIONAL living and lifestyle upgrade waiting for you, if you only embrace it.

I have shared everything you need to know to make a decision, if you still have questions you are free to contact me, click here to do so...

I urge you to seriously check out my ‘Cutting Edge' magazine as that could well be the difference between establishing a new lifestyle, and staying as you are.

Please remember, when it comes to lifestyle you  should never accept second best.

If you enjoyed and gained value from this article, please share it with frinds and aquaintances.

Claim Your FREE copy of the REAL Laptop Lifestye

Work from Home Success

Infographic Text The Route map to WFH (Work From Home) Success  This inforgraphic will deliver all the big chunks and necessary step-by-step information to establishing

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  1. I am pregnant and am looking to establish my own work from home business when the baby comes and have been studying the subject carefully. The material I have found on this site is really helpful and has provided me with multiple starting points.

    Thank you so much.

  2. I would like to establish my own small business but I always feel the risk is high and worry about what could go wrong and what it would cost me if it did.

    1. Hi Mary, sorry but you need to change your thinking.
      If you now what your doing by learning as much as you can and start on a part-time basis you dramatically reduce the risk.
      Also, you can start some profit streams on a minimal budget or even NO butdget at all.
      Just start small and slowley, learn and grow as you progress.


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