Making Money from Words

Everything I seem to do begins with words.

Most days I’m writing an article or curate posts I come across, writing a video script, or, on some occasions as I’m doing today working on a new book.

There are lots of ways you can profit from writing from the comfort of your own home, or for that matter anywhere you desire.

Sometimes, I work from the comfort of my car in the countryside in a local beauty spot. On other occasions I might be writing notes and ideas down in a cafe as I indulge in my favourite pastime of people watching (such a creative technique).

It is such a creative way of living your life.

However, for a long time I found it very difficult to get anything finished!

In fact I almost gave up writing as a living completely.

The reason for this was I was becoming an PERFECTIONIST!

Perfectionism is a disease which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

To become a good writer you need to write LOTS!

Get your work out there, come back and cringe when you read it, and improve from that point forward.

There is no shortcut to this process, but perfectionism will stop you in your tracks, so avoid it like the plague.

Always do your best, and then put it out there, learn from your mistakes and progress.

Here is an interesting article on the subject of perfectionism.

As a freelance writer you definitely need to do high-quality work, but you need to know when to avoid perfectionism and stop working on an assignment, a story, or a blog post and call it good enough.

There’s a saying I’ve encountered many times, a variation on a Voltaire quote: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Now this is a delicate point. You definitely need to make sure you’ve done a great job, but too many writers go over and over their words making minute changes that result in only marginal improvements, and sometimes they actually make things worse.

Perfectionism, Time Management, and Productivity

Avoiding perfectionism is a key time management skill that will dramatically increase your productivity. It will free up lots of time for you to work on other writing projects or devote to other important areas of your life.

Read the complete article…

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